When designing for accessibility, we focus on removing barriers that might prevent certain people from using your product. But why should we care about accessibility? And how do we design for accessibility?

The importance of designing for accessibility

As designers, we shouldn’t ever forget the responsibility we have with our designs and their impact on the people who use them. It’s only fair to say we should also take the responsibility to ensure that everyone has access to what we make regardless of ability, situation, or context. It’s…

As a designer, at a point in your career, you’re going to give presentations. And it’s crucial to do it right.

A photo of a megaphone.

Whether you have lots of experience presenting or just starting, the tips below should help you to improve.

Smile & make eye contact

Sounds easier than it is, but if you smile and make eye contact, you’ll build a relationship with your audience, which helps them to connect with you. …

Being a visual genius and having a killer portfolio is, at this day of age, not enough to get you hired. You need the soft skills to stand out. Let’s go through some of those skills and discuss why they are so essential.

This is a photo of a white feather.

You have hard skills and soft skills. Hard skills are typically quantifiable and can be easily defined and evaluated, like computer programming for an IT professional or wood framing for a carpenter. Soft skills, on the other hand, are people skills. These are much harder to define and evaluate; they…

Semih Yılmaz

A digital designer creating functional and delightful experiences that solve real human problems.

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